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Dramatic Art

  • Teacher of Drama at The British College of Jerez "SAGE COLLEGE" (School of primary and high school). Jerez de la Frontera, Course-2016-2017

  • Teacher of Drama at the Department of Education in the Town Hall of El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz).
    Directing Municipal Theater workshops for the Portuense school theater exhibition. 2014-2015

    - College of Special Education "Mercedes Carbo"
    - I.E.S. Arboleda
    - I.E.S. Mar de Cádiz
     - Center for Primary & Secondary Education "HH Carmelites"

  • Teacher of interpretation and corporal expression in English on the "Exchange Program between Maarsan - El Pto de Sta Mª" - Organized by the Dutch Education Center NIFTERLAKE COLLEGE and IES ARBOLEDA.S. El Puerto de Santa María, 2015

  • Speaker of the theme "Body Expression" corresponding to the Official Title of Leisure and Free Time Monitors in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia - Order of March 21, 1989 (BOJA No. 26 of April 3, 1989). Jerez de la Frontera, 2015


  • Workshop rapporteur and sample Popping and Funky in "FESTICAM" First International Festival of Culture and Arts Movement. Jerte, Valle del Jerte. October 15, 2016

  • Teacher of ballet for adults, Contemporary dance and Urban Dances in "ESPACIO ARMONIA, Body and Mind." Director: Lisa Rothman. El Puerto de Santa María. Course 2015 -2017


  • Teacher of Latin Dance de Bailes Latinos for adults in the Academy of "OFELIA MARQUEZ". Rota. 2017

"Danzas Urbanas" en ESPACIO ARMONIA
"Danzas Urbanas" en ESPACIO ARMONIA
"Danzas Urbanas" en ESPACIO ARMONIA
"Danzas Urbanas" en ESPACIO ARMONIA
"Danzas Urbanas" en ESPACIO ARMONIA
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